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The Real Bottom Line Is Zero
Forsake was born out of a love for exploring the great outside, from city streets to unmarked trails. So, naturally, our respect for the wonders found in nature extends to the way we operate our business.
It begins and ends with quality.
Making a boot that lasts from season to season was our goal from the very beginning. Simply put, a better boot is more a sustainable boot. That's why we insist on using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Because the longer boots last, the fewer you need to buy and the fewer end up in landfills. And, of course, you can extend the life of your Forsakes by properly caring for and repairing them.
Forsake is certified Climate Neutral. Climate neutral logo.
Neutral by Nature
We acknowledge that making the highest quality boots still has an impact on the environment, and that's why we're committed to achieving certified carbon neutrality. Working with Carbon Neutral for our certification each year, we rigorously evaluate every aspect of our business to determine what the impact is, and what we can do to reduce and offset it. We're proud to have maintained net-zero emissions since 2019. Last year, our emissions were 2670 tC02e and we spent $45,738 on carbon offsets provided by forestry and clean energy projects in the USA.
We continue to monitor and measure our footprint in scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions which cover everything from sourcing materials, manufacturing, shipping, and employee operations.
We offset our footprint by purchasing carbon credits. That's another way of saying that we invest in programs that help reduce global emissions.
We use Environmentally Preferred Materials (EPMs) wherever possible across our product line. This includes sourcing leathers exclusively from tanneries with a Gold rating from the Leather Working Group, utilizing recycled materials, and incorporating bio-based foams into our footbeds and midsoles.
To offset our emissions each year, we work with partners who share our values and goals. This year, we partnered with two US environmental projects for our carbon credits.
King County Parks
King County Parks, a public forestry project in Seattle, WA, uses carbon financing to accelerate the purchase of land that's at risk of clearing for rural residential development or commercial timber harvest.
Crow Lake Wind Farm
The Crow Lake Wind Project is a zero emissions, grid-connected electricity generation source located on 36,000 acres in South Dakota. The project consists of 108 GE 1.5-megawatt turbines with a generating capacity of 162 megawatts (MW).
Forsake partners with different environment projects such as King Count Parks and Crow Lake Wind Farm.
The beauty of your Forsakes is more than skin deep.
Every pair of Forsakes embody multiple initiatives and technologies that we have invested in and developed in order to mitigate their impact on the environment.
Here are a few of them:
BLOOM icon.
We now integrate BLOOM® algae foam into all of our midsoles and most of our footbeds. BLOOM's mission is to clean up polluted waterways by removing harmful algae blooms and transform them into sustainable materials.
LWG Gold icon.
LWG Gold
We source all of our leather from Leather Work Group (LWG) Gold-certified tanneries that use less water, consume less energy, and mitigate wastewater pollution.
Recycle icon.
Recycled Materials
We've incorporated 100% recycled webbing, laces, and liners in our products, moved to recycled packaging, and we continue to identify new opportunities to expand our use of recycled materials.
Durafresh icon.
To fight against foot odor, we use probiotics found in nature rather than the harsh chemicals found in other anti-odor solutions.
Zero waste icon.
Zero Waste Goal
At our warehouse, we're currently tracking to greater than 90% waste diversion from landfills.


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